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Wreckingcrew78 "I wish a suicide bomber would blow me up so I don't have to go to work tomorrow" is one of the greatest song titles of all time.
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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel "Kauzi" Meyrath at Pankahyttn in Vienna, Austria
Artwork by Dr. Knoche/Clor (deadhype.com)
Photo by Christian Hlinak
Guest vox on "Steroids For Breakfast" by Liza and Louise


released May 1, 2017

Enuff Talk!!

Tom_Talkz 'n'Vox, Git, Buzz
Andy_Drumz, Vox


all rights reserved



Enuff Talk Vienna, Austria

"Crossover Nonsense"

Bullshit Music For Bullshit People!!!

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Track Name: Fly Boy
Fly Boy
Disaster Kid
Fly Boy
The super shit

Always in trouble
Always the worst
Life’s turd ahead
Dive in face first

Fly Boy
Piles of shit
Fly Boy
You dig in it

Always complaining
Never on time
Your spinal in chains
Oh boy what a crime!

Fly Boy
Disaster Kid
Fly Boy
Track Name: Domestic Parasites
Day in day out
At work on time
I punch the clock from 9 to 5
And 5 to 9

I keep on running like a stress fueled rat through flesh and thorns
With my tail on fire

Who has thought that family is hell
No one told me life’s fortune tale

My wife is cheating on me
While the kids go apeshit in the hall
My pant’s on fire
Fuck family anyway!
Track Name: Toxic Piss
Years in a spider hole
Isolated shit
Nothing than a bucket filled with toxic piss

The good, the bad, the undead instead
The world in my grip
With hands in my pants
Down my leg it flows

Trapped in a cartoon character
Trigger happy
Much too quick on the draw

You will never see me beg for mercy
Cause I’m not destined to lose
No doubt about it
Choosing is not an option
That’s how it goes
But you know I’m a loser baby
So why don’t you kill me now
So why don’t you kill me right fucking now
Track Name: Shitting Amphetamines
Stress Test
How long can you last inside a pool of hungry sharks??
How long?!!
Sleeping on a bed of nails
What the fuck is wrong?!
What the fuck is going on??!!
Stress Test
You’re dead!
Track Name: Sucking Tapeworms
Analize the analog
Or do it anal with a dog
Better hit repeat than stop!
....the rest is too dumb to write down
Track Name: Nonstop Nanking
Non stop hardcore everywhere
If you need an extra kick
Running rampage high on speed
User friendly like my dick

Non stop passion
Non stop death and fun
Non stop action
Non stop all the time

Non stop hatred
Non stop in your face
Non stop rapture
This is all you have (in your worthless life)
Track Name: Day Off
Everything’s rad and fine
Except the fact that I have to get to work on time

Got out of bed
Still my mind’s so hazy
Feeling remotely controlled

Getting through
All I want is getting through
Getting through this fucking day

Gimme 50 grand and I’m your man
Who said the market is fair?
I can hardly pay my bills old friend
So I’m sorry but I don’t have no time on you to spare

The lowest creature in the enterprise
The highest rank in overtime

Can’t find my key
Can’t find my life
Burn my tongue
On the run with fair trade coffee
But I’m sure this will pay off someday
Track Name: Steroids For Breakfast
Protein Powder
King of the gym
Dude of the fruit
Steroids for breakfast taste so good
Protein Powder
Track Name: Drunken Master
Happy Birthday where’s the alcohol
I hope it’s all for free
Cause I’m broke that’s clear as vodka
I know you and you know me

Merry X-Mas now get drunk
Long John Walker my close friend
Cutting, cheering, charming shit
Keeps me warm like a cunt

Wake up you’re dead

Going loco down in Acapulco
The magic down there’s so strong
Acid, ladies, sunshine and the sea
The best thing I get it all for free

No slow paste waste of life
High Speed Hangover instead

Let’s have
A drink on you
Let’s have
A drink on me
Let’s have
No need for reason
Just drinking for sympathy
Now get drunk
Track Name: I Wish A Suicide Bomber Would Blow Me Up So I Don't Have To Go To Work Tomorrow
Well, you know...
Track Name: Too Dumb To Fuck
Just one more glass
And just one more cigarette
I’m outta here
God I swear

When days turn night
And masturbation turns to joyless fiction
Who rings the bell for me?

All you need is love
All you want is sex
All you have is porn

Too dumb to fuck
Just one more drink and I’m outta here
One more time the same old game

Too dumb to fuck
I’m too dumb to fuck

As time slips by right before the third eye
And demons sleep in liquor slumber
Get high!
Destroy the rest of dignity left intact
Track Name: Let The Chimp Do The Talking
Welcome to monkey business
Come on you know what’s best for you
Get down on the floor dude
Don’t make a single move
Now crawl home

Give me all you’ve worked for
Half boss and full retard
In a world of suits and ladders
You gonna hit so hard

Now crawl home
Call your wife
Crawl home
Call for med

Back from the crypts of bureaucracy
Boss King Kong is in town again
Fat ass in the chair of tyranny
To rule with iron head
Track Name: Violence My Favourite Sport
Grab your hat
Grab a bat
Support your men
The season’s on
Bashing the shit out of the other thugs is so much fun
Who cares who wins

Come on it’s on
Hit by Pitch!
Come on the war is on
Who the hell gives a shit
About some fucking rules!?

Violence my favourite sport
Hitting homeruns with your balls
Bit off ear and broken nose

Blood is spilling
Heads are spinning
A circus not for everyone
Pitcher punch
Pussy jump
You are out!

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